Deep Waters

The waters of love are dark and deep
They frighten those who are asleep
They dream upon the surface bright
Cling fast to day, and shun the night

From boats they gaze upon the sea
A mirror, in truth, but monsters they see
Above, the gold sun fills them with wonder
They praise and plead to save them from what’s under

Wanting to be only that which is bright
They arm themselves and battle with all of their might
Attacking all they see moving below
The mirror shatters more with every blow

Until it is gone, and it becomes clear
That every monster that once they did fear
Was themselves all along, just misunderstood
That never was there a “bad” or a “good”

It was all a perspective they tried on for size
To know what it was to see truth within lies
To feel what it’s like to split One into Other
To see enemy where there is sister and brother

And then to remember, to see with infinite eyes
To wake within dream in a joyful capsize
And turn then to those still in the sleep
To bring to them all of the love from the deep

Channeled Poem 7/13/18

We are an ocean of awareness
Sparks and waves
Dancing and spinning
Crashing and rolling
Cresting and diving deep
The great waters are the sum of us
With(in) skies we are mirrored
Endless ripples merging and moving on
The same but changed
And again
And again
Realities rising and falling like the tides
Our ocean is the depth of you
Another looking-glass in between
Within the heart of every grain of sand
Every atom
Every galaxy
Every One