Welcome my brothers, my sisters, my friends
So glad to be with you all here at the end
It’s been such a wonderful game of pretend

Now we put all the costumes and masks on the shelf
Prepare for the new play of beauty and health
Where all are to share in the joy and the wealth

Time now to reclaim divine memory
We hid from ourselves what it means to be free
Now the choice has been made to once again see

Thanks to the heroes and villains alike
For playing your parts as the day and the night
A study in contrasts, fleeting holy delight

Exciting to ready the new play to come
We learned much from the old one, but now it is done
Now let’s join our hands, time to shine like a sun

The Seed

In this beginning there was a seed of light buried deep in darkness. There were many other seeds planted throughout the darkness, but this seed (as well as most of its fellows) was at this time unaware that it was not alone. The strength of the light within the seed was so great, however, that no matter how alone and sad and afraid it became it never gave in to the darkness surrounding it. It knew its light could never be extinguished, and that if it followed the prompting of that light it could illuminate the darkness outside.

It was not easy, and sometimes the seed felt great despair and wanted to give up, wanted to escape the darkness rather than keep trying to light it up. Sometimes the darkness felt so much bigger, with such deep roots, that it seemed an impossible task. How could it hope to make any difference, when this immense light inside still shone only as a small flickering flame? It began to feel fragile and easily extinguished.

Then, when the seed had decided to give up, when it felt it could no longer go on, a new light shone. It still came from within the seed, and did not touch the dark outside, but it felt different than the light that came before. It cried out NO! And it gave the seed a vision of what was to come. It showed the seed many others like it, all buried in the deep and dark, all shining within themselves. It showed the seed that together in unity their light would illuminate the world and the darkness would disappear, for there would be no place deep enough for it to hide from the brilliance of the light to come. All the seeds would burst forth and grow tall in the collective light, in oneness, in love. And the seed knew it could not give up.

The vision faded, and time went on. The seed continued to shine its light, continued to listen as the light showed it where to go and what to do. Sometimes the darkness felt too big again, but always the memory of what was to come kept the seed going when it might want again to give up. Then one day something amazing happened. It saw its light outside itself! Just a flicker at first, but it continued to happen more and more. The vision had shown that the seed was not alone in the dark, and finally there was proof. It began to see more and more light all around, and others that had been blind before now began to see the darkness and were no longer content to be part of it, and they too began to shine. It was happening! The vision was coming true!

The light grew brighter and brighter all around, and the darkness became shadows that could no longer hide. The seed could feel the time of the vision coming quickly, the time to break free and stand tall and shine and shine and shine. It realized the voice of the light guiding the way all that time in the dark was its own voice, the light was itself, this was truth. And the seed reached in and out at the same time and prepared itself for the new dawn. In this ending it was ready for a new beginning.