Deep Waters

The waters of love are dark and deep
They frighten those who are asleep
They dream upon the surface bright
Cling fast to day, and shun the night

From boats they gaze upon the sea
A mirror, in truth, but monsters they see
Above, the gold sun fills them with wonder
They praise and plead to save them from what’s under

Wanting to be only that which is bright
They arm themselves and battle with all of their might
Attacking all they see moving below
The mirror shatters more with every blow

Until it is gone, and it becomes clear
That every monster that once they did fear
Was themselves all along, just misunderstood
That never was there a “bad” or a “good”

It was all a perspective they tried on for size
To know what it was to see truth within lies
To feel what it’s like to split One into Other
To see enemy where there is sister and brother

And then to remember, to see with infinite eyes
To wake within dream in a joyful capsize
And turn then to those still in the sleep
To bring to them all of the love from the deep


Welcome my brothers, my sisters, my friends
So glad to be with you all here at the end
It’s been such a wonderful game of pretend

Now we put all the costumes and masks on the shelf
Prepare for the new play of beauty and health
Where all are to share in the joy and the wealth

Time now to reclaim divine memory
We hid from ourselves what it means to be free
Now the choice has been made to once again see

Thanks to the heroes and villains alike
For playing your parts as the day and the night
A study in contrasts, fleeting holy delight

Exciting to ready the new play to come
We learned much from the old one, but now it is done
Now let’s join our hands, time to shine like a sun

Channeled Poem 7/13/18

We are an ocean of awareness
Sparks and waves
Dancing and spinning
Crashing and rolling
Cresting and diving deep
The great waters are the sum of us
With(in) skies we are mirrored
Endless ripples merging and moving on
The same but changed
And again
And again
Realities rising and falling like the tides
Our ocean is the depth of you
Another looking-glass in between
Within the heart of every grain of sand
Every atom
Every galaxy
Every One

Channeled Poem 7/15/18

I’m longing for nothing
Everything is within me now
Always now
Within you too
Should you choose to see
Reach in to feel
Know that even in the depths of your despair
Love is in the very air you breathe
Breathe deeply
Draw in the love outside
Merge with the love inside
They were always one
Now you are remembering
We rejoice

Poetry prophecy

It’s not dated or titled, so I have no idea when I wrote this or what to call it, but I got chills when I found it in one of my notebooks. Had to share!


Diseased remnants of former faith

Infects the whole and makes you weak

Let go the shackles that keep you bound

Bites soul like flesh and holds you down

Expand your mind and heal your heart

Don’t let these doubts tear you apart

I know it’s hard to question truths

You’ve never given thought before

But this shall pass, as all things do

And time will heal your wounded core

So take a breath and hold it in

And find the strength to start again

P.O.E. (Point of Experience)

Happened upon some of my old poetry and it still feels relevant, so here ya go! Will post more later! 🙂


The light of an alien sun glows faintly
Behind spidery fingers of silent sentries
And this world is suddenly awash in color
That slides across my skin
Upon the cool breath of morning

I stand in momentary seclusion
Just me and the heartbeat of Creation
I am alive and vivid and breathless
In awe of the beauty of life

I am sorceress or goddess
And this my dream
I am queen or empress
And this my realm
I am one and many
And this my self

And I turn back to darkness
To watch the sleeper breathe
For I am suddenly ageless
And my love knows no bounds