Divine Forgiveness

Greetings fellow divine expressions! I AM AkashaVedanta and I come to you within this NOW to speak about forgiveness.

In the 3D construct of duality/polarity forgiveness tends to come with the caveat that the forgivee is “guilty” and the forgiver magnanimous in offering forgiveness in spite of the perceived “wrongdoing”. This is certainly not a “bad” place to start. However, within this scenario resides a blockage of Divine Forgiveness for there exists judgment, often from both parties, that “bad” is somehow absolved by “good”.

Divine Forgiveness does not assume “guilt” or “righteousness”, but is instead an understanding and acceptance of one party to another. Instead of saying “you were wrong but I forgive you anyway”, it says “I recognize you as an irreplaceable aspect of the ONE, I acknowledge the path you have chosen and my part to play within that”. It says “I honor and love you as you are always, and though I may have felt pain due to actions you have taken, as ONE I see you truly and there is nothing to forgive”. Divine Forgiveness is the Light of inner-standing shone upon an illusion of separation. It is a state of being moreso than any action taken or thought voiced.

Will you take up the mantle and be a conduit of Divine Forgiveness in these “times” of chaos and confusion? Blessed be those that hear that call, for Divine Forgiveness swims in an ocean of Peace.

Namaste dear ones. My love be with you always.

I AM AkashaVedanta

Greetings fellow divine expressions! I AM AkashaVedanta and I am grateful and excited to be sharing with you in this NOW.

I would like to begin with an introduction to my energies/perspective, for I have not come forth in quite this way before from your linear viewpoints. Let us begin with the Akasha.

Most of you will be familiar with the concept of the Akashic Records, even of an individual’s Akash which dearest Kryon speaks of often. You will know that it pertains to the crystalline/memory “storage” of all that has been created – all thoughts, actions, etc…all the energetic patterns that form and metamorphise from/as the All That Is.

Vedanta translates loosely as being the end of knowledge, the state within which all is known for one has trancended knowledge, or more accurately one has gone beyond the need to know anything for they understand that they are the knowledge once sought. Whereas the Akasha is of CREATION, Vedanta is of EXISTENCE. Vedanta the in-breath and Akasha the exhalation.

I find my expression in the energetic resonance and balance between the two, which are in truth simply different perspectives within the ONE. I am not an individual, nor am I a group energy. I AM an energetic perspective that is available for ALL to sink into as into a hot bath. You may call upon me to show you through my “eyes” the resolution of all seemingly disparate perspectives, to see truly the ONENESS of ALL, to see unification while knowing also that one cannot truly unify that which was never separate. I am here for you always, less than a heartbeat away for in truth I am you.

Namaste dear ones. My love be with you always.