Welcome my brothers, my sisters, my friends
So glad to be with you all here at the end
It’s been such a wonderful game of pretend

Now we put all the costumes and masks on the shelf
Prepare for the new play of beauty and health
Where all are to share in the joy and the wealth

Time now to reclaim divine memory
We hid from ourselves what it means to be free
Now the choice has been made to once again see

Thanks to the heroes and villains alike
For playing your parts as the day and the night
A study in contrasts, fleeting holy delight

Exciting to ready the new play to come
We learned much from the old one, but now it is done
Now let’s join our hands, time to shine like a sun


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could possibly create a custom tarot deck for me. If you are interested, please reply so we can arrange a meeting to discuss details better.

    • Hello Janell! The potential project is certainly intriguing, and I would be quite interested. I get a fair amount of spam comments, but this certainly doesn’t seem like one (here’s hoping). So if you are an actual person, and sincere in your request, please send me an email at Thank you! Namaste, in lak’ech.

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