The Red Traveller

Some strong DNA upgrades were going on for me last night. I kept waking probably about once every hour from the same “dream” where these glowing sacred geometries were being switched over from one patterning to another. After I woke from that for the last time around 5 am I went back to sleep again and had a very vivid dream I feel the prompting to share.

The dream had 5 separate “scenes” that I feel were all happening at once. In each scene I seemed to be bodily present as myself here in this life, but at the same time feeling that I was seeing from the eyes of multiple people at once. Also have the feeling that each scene was happening at the same time on seemingly the same world.

In one scene I was talking to 2 children, speaking to them like children and adults simultaneously. I believe they were brother/sister with the brother looking to be around 8 and the sister maybe 5 or 6. I wanted to adopt, but knew that the process could take a very long time. So I had submitted an application with the intent to get everything ready in the interim. But instead of a long wait my application was instantly approved. So there I was trying to explain to these children that I wanted them very badly but I had no money, no job, no permanent place to live. That’s as much of that scene as I can remember.

In another scene, I was part of a sort of investigative vigilante type group. Not a violent kind of vigilante, but more like something that had to do with energies and showing people the truth of their actions to begin a sort of rehabilitation. There was this man who did terrible things to people, but he blamed it all on his brother who was very much a high vibe type person. For some reason, people believed his accusations and some very angry people ended up killing the innocent brother. I could see the darkness around the brother left alive, and knew that my group would need to investigate this situation further. That was it for that scene.

In yet another, I was in a school with a class that was graduating, but we had to pass a final verbal test. Everyone else seemed to just be going along with it, but it felt wrong to me. Most especially the verbal aspect because I got the sense that we had been in that school in part to learn telepathy and towards the end of our studies speaking aloud was no longer allowed because we were meant to practice the telepathy at all times. Also, the test didn’t seem to be administered by actual faculty. Instead there were some strange men there whose energy felt very jarring and sinister. I was feeling very wary about the whole thing when that scene ended, but was undecided about what to do.

The last two scenes are very intimately connected, and the most fascinating part that stood out to me. In one, there was this scientist type guy, older with white hair and beard. His job was to monitor the activity between their universe and any others. Basically, there were beings that would regularly jump from one universe to theirs or from theirs to another. He would record these jumps and the energy “trails” left behind. For the many years he’d been doing this work, the only trails he’d ever seen were either black or white, representing their main polarity. On this day, however, the whole lab where he worked was abuzz because they had just recorded a jump into their universe that left a RED trail. They had no idea what this could be, what it could mean.

In the final scene, I was in a house, perhaps in a bedroom or some other room that was very comfortable and relaxing. I looked out the window and saw a woman walking very determinedly past my house. She wore a long dress and hooded cloak with the hood falling down her back. She had long, wavy hair to about the middle of her back. What was most striking about her, though, was that she exuded this very strong, palpable energy that felt very very RED. As I was looking at her striding past, I was listening to a “news” story on a sort of radio type device that was the scientist guy talking about the red energy that had been detected entering the universe.¬†Interestingly, I also felt that the red woman was also very closely linked to the children in the first scene. I’m not sure, however, which universe the children were actually in.

So there ya go. I’m still processing this dream as it feels very significant for what’s going on here now. I would love to get input from others that might help me decode it all! So please leave a comment if you have any insights pop up!

Love and gratitude to you all!

Update 6/25/18: Just found a video of a red light shooting through space on 6/8/18. Could this be what I dreamed? Very interesting!

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