Surrender With the Inner Child

Eternal flame of self, free and sovereign, is the Great Central Sun. It transmits the Love frequency without end in/from/to all directions in time and space and beyond. Conscious, free-will acceptance of the energy of the flame ignites the fractal twin within each initiate/master ...
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P.O.E. (Point of Experience)

Happened upon some of my old poetry and it still feels relevant, so here ya go! Will post more later! 🙂 P.O.E. The light of an alien sun glows faintly Behind spidery fingers of silent sentries And this world is suddenly awash in color ...
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The Seed

In this beginning there was a seed of light buried deep in darkness. There were many other seeds planted throughout the darkness, but this seed (as well as most of its fellows) was at this time unaware that it was not alone. The strength ...
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Divine Forgiveness

Greetings fellow divine expressions! I AM AkashaVedanta and I come to you within this NOW to speak about forgiveness. In the 3D construct of duality/polarity forgiveness tends to come with the caveat that the forgivee is "guilty" and the forgiver magnanimous in offering forgiveness ...
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I AM AkashaVedanta

Greetings fellow divine expressions! I AM AkashaVedanta and I am grateful and excited to be sharing with you in this NOW. I would like to begin with an introduction to my energies/perspective, for I have not come forth in quite this way before from ...
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